How Creation Works: Desire, Intent, Alignment

Hey there,

I had a real epiphany earlier today when I was hanging out the washing. If you can add anything constructive to it or poke holes, let me know. Otherwise I’m gonna try and hash it out in a blog post of sorts.

It started off by examining why I didn’t manage to get any fucking work done on my business today .

I came to a realisation that if I just aligned my thoughts, emotions and actions in the direction of my business (which, to me really represents a certain lifestyle I’d like – see below), that I’d naturally move forward in it – without out so much resistance holding me back.

Then I perceived that I have 3 separate desires causing an internal conflict in me – a Bhagavad Gita of the soul if you will:

The desire to move forward – to work on my business, get an apartment in [REDACTED], chase chicks and have threesomes with my girlfriend, go on adventures and generally have good content in my life (ie good experiences, adventure, travel etc).

There’s also the desire to move upward – to continue to go deeper and hack away at the bullshit beliefs that keep reality seeming real – to be less false and perceive less falsely – as Jed would put it, to go “Further” ™.

Then, there’s the desire to do fucking nothing. To float, and then sink where I am – to spend all day in bed, reading and watching youtube on my phone, play video games and work on hobbies and generally do fuck all. This can can be leisurely, but it can also be addiction/unconsciousness, which is why it’s kind of floating OR sinking.

So I realised that I’m really divided in my thoughts, emotions and actions. What I think about, feel and act on aren’t always in alignment to each other, and furthermore aren’t always aligned in the same direction.

Here’s a metaphor:

Imagine you’re in the ocean.

There are certain currents you can follow – one takes you to the left, one to the right and one directly ahead.

Your thoughts are your left hand, your emotions are your right and, and your actions are your legs (here we go).

If these 3 elements aren’t in alignment, this means that your thoughts are facing one direction, your emotions another, and your actions a third – you’re not focused in a particular direction.

This is the equivalent of your left hand paddling in one direction, your right hand paddling in a completely different direction and your legs kicking in yet a third direction.

What happens?

You literally go in fucking circles on the spot.

Try this next time you’re at a pool. Send me a video if you want to make me laugh.

Even further, your left hand keeps changing directions that it’s paddling towards, so does your right hand and your legs.

This means that you stay in the same spot, while you continually orient towards different directions and tire yourself out.

If other people existed, and if I was able to see what their lives were like from the inside, I’d assume that this is what the majority of people (human children)’s life experience is like (it’s certainly mine for the most part).

To be in alignment is to have your left hand (thoughts), right hand (emotions), and legs (actions) all travelling in the same direction, allowing you to actually move towards it.

When you move, the universe moves.

If you drive from (fuck, let’s not give away my location here) – um… Denver to New York (yeah, I’m totally in America… “dude”), New York really drives to you.

In fact, a more accurate way of saying it is that you don’t really move anywhere – the dream shifts around you so your scenery shifts from what looks like Denver, Colorado, to what looks like Upstate New York (it’s an Albany expression).

If you move from scarcity or lack to abundance, you don’t go anywhere, the dream around just shifts from the scenery of scarcity, to the scenery of abundance.

You never move anywhere – you’re the one stationary thing in existence (half true) – the universe always moves around you.

More on this in a blog post I’ll post later and link to here.

But essentially, when we say move in a particular direction in this metaphor, it really means swim in the direction as the ocean around you changes shape and form to display where you were moving towards.

Confused yet? Yeah I don’t care. I’ll probably come back to this later, clean it up and maybe make a book or a series of good blog posts out of it to refine and express these points in a way that forces me to really articulate them well for myself. For now, I’m just trying to get them down on pixels.

So – back to alignment – it’s what allows you to actually move in this ocean of being/dreamstate – or more accurately, what allows you to shift the dreamstate to create the illusion of movement to a different state/backdrop/scenery – what we’ll call creation.


There are currents, remember?

So of course aligning yourself in a certain direction will allow you to move said direction, but there are also natural currents in the water that exist for you (these currents are personal – other people don’t really exist, but if they did, their currents would be different to yours).

So, you can technically have whatever the duck you want (align yourself in any direction), but you’ll be naturally predisposed to travelling in certain directions.

This is what Jed calls Authentic Desire (doesn’t really need capitals, does it?), and the currents are specifically what he calls Pattern.

If you align yourself against the currents and start swimming, you won’t get far before you get exhausted and have to stop.

But why would you do that? Your natural currents are based off your authentic desires – what tickles your soul (if you will) and kind of what your character is really in this dream to do.

Why wouldn’t you follow your natural, authentic desires? Wouldn’t that lead to the best life experience and the best m’fucking time in the dreamstate possible?


If you believe you have to or want to travel in a certain direction, that is contrary to the currents of your life, you’ll end up struggling against them indefinitely.

If you somehow have the Herculean stamina required to actually get there, swimming against the current the whole time, you’ll find that you’re not actually happy there and that it’s not what you really wanted anyway. You’ll probably think you have to go further in this direction, and then the cycle starts again (this also looks like a lot of people’s lives).

Why would you do this?

Fear, of course.

You’d have beliefs, that are fear driven, clouding your perception with ego and make you think you need to be somewhere that you don’t.

ANYWAY, back to the topic at hand…

So, you first have to align your thoughts, emotions and actions so they’re all facing the same direction, and you have to align that direction with the natural currents of the ocean you’re in, and that’s really it to creation!

Of course there’s more subtlety and nuance (like rightness and not-rightness, following the currents on a daily basis, trusting the universe etc), but these are the basics of creation/manifestation.

Oddly enough, they line up perfectly with the steps in Mike Dooley’s “Playing the Matrix”.

  1. Get clear on what you want – the more general the better (thoughts)
  2. Get excited about it (emotions)
  3. Take action towards it (well, uh… actions of course)

Do these in a direction that naturally aligns with the currents of your life (authentic desires), and the process takes care of itself – the universe will reshape itself around you as you swim – the dream will shift to display that which you were aligned to.


Really, we’re just big fuckin lenses.

Imagine a projector projecting a movie onto a screen. If you’ve read anything spiritual/metaphysical I’m sure you’ve seen this setup before…

The images on the screen are what we perceive, and are not real, and the screen is the consciousness on which these images appear, right?

Well, not exactly.

I like the terms Brahman, Atman and Maya, rather than terms like consciousness and awareness – even though they’re borrowed from Hindu Mythology.

When you say consciousness, what are you referring to?

Awareness of appearance? Or THAT which everything is and appears to – the ground on which everything stands?

Brahman is everything, and everything is Brahman – screen, lights, projector – even the room or void in which the whole setup exists.

Yes, you are Brahman too (actually, there’s no not-Brahman, so there’s really no you – just Brahman).

The details of this are a topic for another post, another time – BUT…

What I’m saying is that you as Brahman are everything – screen and images included (this is in the realm of Truth).

You as Atman – (the you that you think of as you), are the lens through which the images are projected.

You’re a fucking lens, Harry.

The dream flows through you, and onto the screen of consciousness into what you perceive around you.

That lens (you) is comprised of 3 different overlapping pieces of glass (or sub-lenses) – thoughts, emotions and actions.

If the sub-lenses are distorted and not aligned with each other, you get a distorted, misaligned movie.

If you align all three lenses and focus them in a certain “direction”, then the universal projector will naturally flow through the lenses into the direction/shape that they’re aligned to.

You’re a lens, and you change what gets projected onto the screen (your reality), by how you focus your thoughts, emotions and actions.

ANY FUCKING WAY, what a long post.

Shit me, I need a break.

There’s a lot of bullshit in this post (no body exists, so there’s no one to possess free will for instance), but at this level (the level of human adulthood), and trying to figure out how the dreamstate actually works, I feel satisfied in my ability to spew the basic gist of what I realised onto the screen.

I’ll have to come back, edit and clean it up to make it make more sense and flow better – or maybe I’ll come back and feel embarrassed about what I’ve written like Jed says – who cares – my goal is to figure out how this shit works.

So NOW – time to test it out – align my thoughts, emotions and actions in a direction in which there is flow and a natural current moving in my life.

I’ll report back how it goes when I get the urge to write again.




Welcome to My Emporium of Bullshit

G’day there, and welcome to Bastard’s Autolysis blog.

Or BAB for short.

This blog isn’t really for you – if you get something good out of it – fucking great!

If not – I don’t really care. It’s really just a platform for me to focus my mind, figure shit out and get some good old fashioned Jed McKenna Autolysis done.

What am I really interested in?

Human adulthood. I give half a shit about truth, but to be honest I’m not in such a state of absolute detestation of bullshit that I’m willing to commit suicide on every level but the physical to escape it. That to me seems pointless, despite the fact that there is no me in the first place.

ANYWAY, I do have a mild-moderate intolerance for bullshit, and I hate looking at the world and believing it’s real – it really sucks the magic out of it ya know?

There’s something about seeing through it, seeing the dream for what it is – a dream, that engages a magic that can never be present when you’re in a world of atoms and physical objects and people and separation (none of which can really be proved anyway – in fact – the very notion of objective reality is as nonsensical as a square circle – but I’ll write about that some other time).

If you’re not on board with the whole “reality is a dream, consciousness is the substrate, nothing can be proven beyond perception” bandwagon then you can fuck off – this blog’s not for you and I don’t have the time nor interest to convince anyone of anything, so you’d be wasting your time to stay.

In fact I’d be quite happy if no one ever read this – like I said at the outset – this blog is for me, not you (my dear imagined reader), so if you find something that’s imaginarily useful – take it – otherwise don’t waste your time.

I’m already past the point where existence not actually existing and everything being the equivalent of a dream is new or a big deal, so I probably won’t write about that, though I do plan (read: have a desire to) go further quite soon – like I said – life is so much more magical when you see through it and engage with what’s really going on.

At the moment I’m more focusing on how creation/manifestation works – what are the nuts and bolts of the dreamstate and how does everything work together?

That’s what I’ll primarily be writing about for now, but of course I’m just going to write whatever the fuck comes through me anyway, so it should be interesting.

Anyway, how’s that for an introduction, imagined reader?

Catch ya in the next one.

Yours truly,